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Igniting personal leadership and development through interactive engagement and by implementing decisive, influential concepts that strengthen individualized emotional, spiritual & physical intelligence to incite a better you.


About Connie Boulangger

Connie is an accomplished Chief Financial Officer for Simon & Boulangger Investments, LLC with over 15 years of experience in Financial and Healthcare Markets. She caters to major companies, non-profit organizations, evangelicals, and health care providers. She works well with senior executives and provides consultative services to international organizations. Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, Connie has successfully nourished her insatiable passion of raising up leaders in a unique manner. After Hurricane Katrina struck her city in 2005, she relocated to Birmingham, Alabama where she finished college and taught leaders all around the country. Connie married the love of her life in 2017. Her family lived in Miami, Florida for 4 years and as a result of the pandemic, they then relocated back home to Louisiana. Connie and her spouse currently reside in Covington, LA where they are active in their community and love spending time with family and their playful puppies Rolf and Ramsey .



Connie aims to equip and inspire positive change and individual growth through her talks and workshops. Setting firm foundations and building upon powerful principles, she brings this realized prosperity to life.

Image by Fakurian Design
Image by Fakurian Design
Image by Fakurian Design

Emotional Intelligence

Discovering who you are and developing self awareness so you can possess understanding in empathizing with others. Make sure that you have someone in your circle of trust that you can be accountable with.

Physical Intelligence

Breaking down and eliminating stereotypes allows you to appreciate your individual value and strengths. Applying this principle permits you to be more conscious of the positive differences across different populations. Evaluating any personal experiences of  stereotyping and how this has affected you helps to avoid applying the same hurtful stereotypes toward others.

Spiritual Intelligence

Being grounded and devoted to your wellbeing produces healthy growth. There is so much power in prayer and meditation. It gives you access to a higher meaning, values, abiding purposes and unconscious aspects of yourself. You must center yourself to find peace in the midst of chaos and this will assist you in identifying your strengths and values while defining who you are.



Connie's concepts allowed me to see the true meaning of life. She began to share the potential she saw in me, highlighting the strengths and values I possess so I can utilized them in the real world, my business and my family.


We needed someone to energize and motivate our team to think differently about how we grow in all areas of our lives. Connie's talk on Emotional Intelligence absolutely fit the bill.

Dr Daniel L. Lloyd
 Internal Medicine

Connie's impact to my leadership team and myself is life changing. Her candid style and humor won over the faculty and staff the moment she began speaking.

Jarvis Brunson
CEO & Founder of Change Me Foundation Inc.

It is both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge Connie's talk to our community. Her energy and level of engagement made such an impact. And to no surprise, she received the highest ratings of all of our speakers during the week.

Sibyl K. Simon
MD, Psychiatry
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